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【Colour EXP美術用品概念店】
Colour EXP 希望提供一個環境舒適的聚腳點,讓喜愛文化藝術的朋友在此談天說地,結交志同道合的朋友。我們致力提供最專業的服務,因此店小二都是熟悉產品,對藝術有熱誠的;店內更特別闢了一個空間,預備了各式顏料產品給前來的朋友免費試用,也會舉辦各類繪畫媒介的工作坊及文化藝術活動,鼓勵更多朋友參與藝術活動。附設餐廳 Chroma Cafe + Kitchen ( 則提供優質食物及各款咖啡、甜品來滿足您的味蕾~ 希望您會喜歡我們這位於觀塘的美術用品概念店!

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【Colour EXP Concept Store】
Concept store, as we are much more than an art supplies shop.
Colour EXP wishes to provide a friendly and cozy place for art and culture enthusiasts to hang out and meet new friends. We strive to provide the most professional services with staffs who are passionate about art and well-versed in product knowledge. A corner with all kinds of testers has been reserved for you to try the products to make an informed choice. We host various art happenings as well as painting workshops to encourage more people to unleash their creativity with a palette, while Chroma Cafe + Kitchen ( provides sumptuous food, coffee and desserts to satisfy your palate~ Hope you will like this art supplies concept store in Kwun Tong!